Lessons from an Election

I have always had a deep passion for politics and this election not only deepened my passion, it also made me realize that I can no longer be a passive by stander, as I am deeply concerned about our State of the Union.

In this past election, I was alarmed by the amount of “fake” news that people accepted as fact, and then continued to spread the rhetoric. This happened on both sides, however when you inject racism, hate, and fear the results can be devastating. We are witnessing this today with protests, acts of hate and violence. It is my belief that fear and lack of personal accountability are the root causes of this chaos.

Fear is a powerful emotion, yet while I am not a history expert, I cannot find one example of fear driving success, innovation, peace or confidence. I can find many examples of fear driving seclusion, violence, fascism and hate. So, we must ask ourselves: “what is it that I am afraid of?”. Were you so afraid of a grandmother who has served our country, and has been accused over and over of crimes that have never provided any evidence of truth, that we would elect a man (I cannot bring myself to call him a gentleman) who has publicly demeaned women (yes our grandmothers, mothers, daughters and wives), handicapped people, Muslims, Latinos and others, because it gave you hope of change? I feel people gave the word “change” too much power without understanding the consequences. People latched on to a slogan of “Maker America great again”, yet no one ever bothered to ask what that looks like and how it impacts the values of this great country. How will we know when America is great again?

Wasn’t having our first woman president change? Yes, as you have guessed, I am a Hillary supporter. I am not saying she hasn’t made mistakes, but you must judge the character of a person by their life’s work vs. a few soundbites. Hmmm, fighting for the rights of others than self vs. making money for self by cheating others.

Now let’s talk about accountability. We have been given so many rights of freedom because of others who have served in our military, voted in elections, and volunteered to care for others (races, religions, genders and countries) less fortunate. It is no longer enough to sit on the sidelines and watch those freedoms being slowly eroded. It is YOUR responsibility to investigate the truth and protect our rights. Many generations before us lost much more than friends; they lost their lives, jobs and homes defending our freedom. Reading fake news (most from Russia and Macedonia) and then propagating the lies, does not serve anyone but the countries with an investment in destroying our democracy. It only takes a minute to Google the story and confirm whether other credible news sources are carrying the story. You owe it to yourself and to our fellow citizens, particularly the youth to only invest in the truth.

Accountability for your life is also a necessity. It amazed me how many people made their decision based on their jobs becoming obsolete. I have personally been laid-off several times and then told I’m too old for some jobs. While upsetting, I continue to develop new skills and knowledge, realizing it is not the government’s responsibility to make me marketable, it is my responsibility. The world is progressing and innovation will not stop because we can’t accept “change” (hmm, fear of change, drives a demand for change?). As a matter of fact, if we continue to protect the obsolete, the rest of the world will leave us behind and alone, without jobs. Trump said he will create jobs, yet no one asked for details, so if you look at the jobs our new President-elect creates, most are minimum wage jobs. The non-minimum wage jobs are re-negotiated after the work is complete (the Art of the Deal), and the re-negotiated pay is not enough to cover the businesses expenses, forcing the small businesses to close.

Do you honestly think he’s going to make you prosperous? How? If that was the case, wouldn’t he have shared his wealth with those less fortunate in the past? Wouldn’t he have accepted the Veteran vendors on the streets of NYC instead of having them removed from his street in fear of tainting his wealthy image?

Now back to accountability; America voted him in, and now I can only say that you must “be careful of what you ask for”. Now that he is going to be in office, I do not have a choice but to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I believe in respect for our highest office of the Presidency, I will pray for Mr. Trump and our country. I would be extremely happy to be wrong about our immediate future. I just ask that you maintain your diligence and instead of going back to the sidelines, you hold Mr. Trump accountable for his promises and decisions, peacefully speak up when you disagree through your elected officials, and seek more of the truth.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to prove: when emotions are high, intelligence is low. Let’s stop fighting about who is right, and start working towards an inclusive future that protects our immigrants (we are all immigrants), children and our freedoms. Let’s stop living in fear and leading by example. This will take courage and some effort but can you think of a better cause than your future, and the future of your children.

Until next time….

Victoria’s View (it’s just my opinion)